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Holiday Celebration Discounts


So it is that time of year again, Christmas time. Although in many countries the Christmas will look much different from what we are used to. Also here in the Netherlands we entered a complete lock-down and many people were not even able to go Xmas shopping. Also during the Christmas we are restricted to 3 guests in one household. But not to worry as in the new year we will make a new start.

And to start to new year good , sarms will help to get rid of that extra fat built up during the lock-down. Also restore your muscles to the level from before the lock-down, sarms can be of great help. And we at SARMXXL will help you do it. That’s why we started our Christmas promotion on sarms bought in our shop.

From 15 December 2020 till 01 January 2021 we are having our Christmas sales on sarms. During our Xmas sales the discount can add up to 15%. But when combined with the welcome bonus for first orders it can add up to a whopping 20% discount. To make use of our promotion here is how it works:

orders till €100, use coupon code merryxmas for a 5% discount
orders from €100 till €250, add coupon code merryxlmas for an additional 5% discount
orders over €250, add coupon code merryxxlmas for an additional 5% discount
for first time clients , add coupon code welcome5 for an additional 5% discount

When looking for the highest quality sarms online we welcome you to our shop. All our sarms have been tested and came out with 99%+ purity. We sell our high purity sarms for low prices and during the Christmas we sell the cheapest sarms found online.

Our shop is also the sarmshop with the most variety of sarm products. Our assortment is:

But we don’t stop there. All our capsules and liquids comes in 3 different doses which makes our sarms assortment available for beginners as well as professionals. Don’t know where to start, check our info sites , www.howtousesarm.com and www.sarmsdosages.com.

We worked hard this year trying to be the best sarmshop excelling in quality and customer service. We became already one of the best rated sarms shop at trustpilot. Despite of that we will work even harder to become the highest rated sarmshop in the world. We set the bar even higher for 2021.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy our Christmas bonus on sarms now! We offer the best Xmas promotion on all sarms.

Also keep in mind that we will raise our prices of our sarms as from 02 January 2021. It will not be dramatically but around 4-6% price raise. Even more reason to make use of our Christmas promotion on sarms to get the best deal.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderfull 2021! 



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