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When choosing your shop to buy sarms online there is a wide variety of choice. From USA , Europe, Canada and even Australia you will be able to find sarm sellers and of course all claiming to be the best and have the best quality sarms. But where to start to make the right decision to buy your sarms online at the right vendor. A good indicator is trustpilot to read the reviews of customers who already bought their sarms at a certain shop. Second of all check for third party lab tests on the site of the shop cause the better shops will have them published.

Then to compare of course look for price, the variety of their products and which payment methods you can use to buy your product. To make your choice a lot easier I compared some of the best known sarm shops in Europe and USA. I checked on the sites and give rating from 1 to 5 of :

  • variety of products
  • price
  • payment options
  • third party testing
  • trustpilot score

First of all I checked the range of products and looked for the 9 sarms which are mostly sold. These are Ibutamoren, Stenabolic, Ligandrol, Testolone, Cardarine, Ostarine, YK11, S23 and Andarine. Also I checked in what form they are offered, liquid and/or capsules and/or powder.

Secondly I compared the price. I took all prices of the sarms sold at the different shops and made an average base price to compare with.

At the payment options I looked first of all for Bitcoin, credit card, banktransfer and paypal. When also other payment options were available I gave an extra point.

The third party testing I rate only a 5 when is available at the site and a 1 when not.

The trustpilot score is just the score of course from trustpilot.

So are you ready for it, here is the outcome.

name shop                                     variety of products     price      payment options   third party testing    trustpilot score   overall

  • sciencebio                                     4                              4                        2                             5                                4,3                   3,86
  • elite sarm                                      2                              1                        1                             5                                  –                     2,25
  • researchsarm                               3                              3,5                     3,5                          5                                4,0                   3,80
  • Direct-sarms                                 5                              2                        4                             1                                3,8                   3,16
  • sarmtech                                       3                              5                        2                             5                                3,2                   3,64
  • BMM-supplements                      2                              3                        5                             5                                2,9                   3,58
  • swisschems                                  4                               3                        3                             5                                4,6                   3,92
  • sarmstore.nl                                 4                              4,5                      1                            5                                   –                     3,63
  • chemyo                                         3                              5                         3                             5                                4,1                   4,02
  • receptorchem                              3                              4                         3,5                          5                                4,3                   3,96
  • narrows lab                                  4                              4                         2                             5                                2,6                   3,52
  • umbrella lab                                 3                              3                         4                             5                                3,7                   3,74
  • sarms pharm                                3                             3                         2                             5                                   –                     3,25
  • sarmlabz                                       4                              2                         1                             5                                3,2                   3,04
  • SARMXXL                                       5                             4,5                      4,5                          5                                4,4                   4,68

We are very proud to be scoring good on the test. Although we are not the cheapest sarmshop or the sarmshop with the best payment options and even are not the highest rated sarmshop on trustpilot but our overall score is due to our complete package. After seeing a lot of sarmshops I also discovered that we at SARMXXL are the only sarm shop with the widest variety of products. Not only we sell liquids, capsules and powders as some shops also do but also our liquids and capsules comes in 3 different strengths.

The cheapest sarms can be bought at sarmtech and chemyo.  But chemyo only selling 5 kinds of powder sarms and 7 kinds of liquid sarms which costed them points. Also when they put an extra payment option would rank them higher in the list. But they came on second place which they can be proud of. Sarmtech only sells capsules and don’t have a credit card option for payments which made them losing points.

From this list, the only one offering paypal payments was BMM-supplements together with credit card and many other payment option made them earn a well deserved 5 points for that. Too bad they have such a bad trustpilot rating as they need to work on their service and products I guess.

Swisschems was the highest rated on trustpilot. Their quality must be excellent and having a good customer service to earn that. They lowered their prices with a discount lately as they were very expensive compared to other shops. Because of that they earned a third place overall on the ranking.

At SARMXXL we believe in high quality for fair prices. Together with a wide variety of payment options and excellent customer service, we try to be the best shop in the sarm business. Making our sarm liquids and capsules ourselves to ensure the best quality and correct dosing. Already we built up a large clientele who keep on coming back and are very happy with our service and quality.

So up to you as customer to choose the right sarm shop.


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