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Testolone also known as RAD140 is a very powerful sarm. At this moment it is still being researched and first reports about this substance date from 2010. It’s one of the ‘newer’ sarms and therefore not much study reports are available. But at the moment it is in the first stage of clinical trials with the results expected around the end of 2020.

Testolone is being researched for treatment such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis caused by breast cancer. The goal is to be a substitute for TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) as RAD140 has proven to be much safer.

Due to it’s great ability to bind with the androgen receptors of muscle tissue it is great for building muscle. This makes it a very powerful sarm for bulking. As it is selectively binds to the androgen receptors, the side effects are much less then with steroids. Steroids have more unwanted effects on the prostate and reproductive organs.

But also testolone have some side effects. The side effects of RAD140 can vary from person to person and some claim to have no side effects at all. It also depends on the dose used. The most common side effects are nausea, headaches, short temper, little suppression in the natural levels of testosterone and in worse cases hair loss. But as mentioned before the side effects of testolone are much less then testosterone.

So considering the side effects, what can you expect from RAD140?

  • boost your testosterone levels
  • building muscle mass
  • increase strength
  • helps little with fat burning and loose weight
  • produce higher energy levels
  • increase stamina
  • no steroidal effects
  • no health risk to organs

Of course make sure you buy your sarms from a reputable dealer such as sarmxxl. When buying RAD140 powder check the following characteristics. Color must be off-white to slightly beige. Consistency must be as a fine powder and it also have a mild odor and has a little acrid taste.

The dose of RAD140 varies between 10 mg to 20 mg. Beginners take 10 mg for 6-8 weeks as professionals can take up to 20 mg for 10 weeks. Definitely don’t go over 10 weeks as you will feel very suppressed. Many use a PCT after a cycle with RAD140 and I for sure recommend it. For more information about sarm dosages ceck this website, www.sarmsdosages.com.

When already used to sarms, stacking with RAD140 is a good option to reach your goals even faster. RAD140 combines good with Ibutamoren, S23 and ligandrol. For more information about sarm stacks check out this website, www.howtousesarm.com.

Most vendors sell RAD140 in capsule form, liquids or raw powder. The cheapest way to buy RAD140 is to buy powder and make your own liquid. To solve RAD140, the most used solvent is PEG400 (Polyethyleenglycol). PEG400 is a clear, colorless, viscous liquid which is widely used in the medic, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

But for most buying capsules or liquid sarms will do. At sarmxxl we sell all liquids and capsules in 3 different doses. This way it will be easier to choose the right dosage to your needs. Also the price of our high dosed sarms are way cheaper then buying 3 x the smaller dosage.

All our sarms have been third party tested by a well known laboratory and are 99%+ pure sarms. Also we make the capsules and liquids ourselves so we can guarantee it contains the right dosage and have no other additives. So when looking to buy sarms online with superior quality, look at sarmxxl for your next order.

Also our high standard of service, fast shipping and low prices makes our shop complete. We definitely belong to the top 10 of best sarmshops worldwide. And of course we are aiming to be the nr. 1 sarmshop in the world as we maintain our high standards.


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