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Corona virus

As I am writing this blog Europe is in the ban of the coronavirus. Italy, Spain, France and also the Netherlands are locking down as the virus roams the streets. As the lockdown continues many companies big and small started to struggle. The effect on the economy is starting to take it’s toll more and more. But how about the sarmshops out there? How does coronavirus infect the sarms market?

As like many companies, also sarmhops suffer from the coronavirus. As many sportclubs were closed in a lot of countries, it is getting harder to get a good workout. A good workout is essential when using sarms to benefit fully of the potential. What is the use of taking RAD140, LGD4033 or YK11 when you not have the opportunity to pump iron and built your muscles. But luckily enough sporters have the facility to train at home so not all is lost.

Another question we get a lot at sarmxxl, the best sarmshop in the world, is about shipping during the coronavirus. For now the postal services are still good to go and delivering packages to all different countries. Some packages are delayed due to the coronavirus but this part is not affecting the sarms market too much for now. You can still safely order Ibutamoren, Ligandrol, cardarine and testolone and get it delivered to your door.

So where does coronavirus infect the sarms market the most?

We at sarmxxl believe the effect on the economy will threaten the sales the most. As many people are out of business or unable to work due to the corona crisis the income of these group will decrease. And as sarms are considered a luxury item instead of basic needs the majority will choose for basic needs over luxury items. When choosing to spend 40 bucks on Ibutamoren capsules 10 mg or 80 bucks on Ibutamoren capsules 30 mg or spend it on housing and food, the choice will be easily made. So the financial crisis following the corona crisis will make people spend less money on sarms.

Another problem is also that people are not allowed to leave their homes. Training outside at one of the many sport facilities is prohibited and so there is no sense of using sarms without a proper workout. When taking cardarine for endurance and you are not able to run, the effect of the sarm will be lost. So as more and more countries going to lockdown, the demand for sarms will decrease.

So does coronavirus infect the sarms market? For us at sarmxxl it’s a yes. At this moment we see sales going down slightly but as the crisis progress we are bracing for the worst to come. But our prices will stay the same. We still offer the best quality sarms for the lowest price. All sarms tested 99%+ purity by a third party laboratory. And we still are the the best sarmshop online with the best service possible. Also our welcome bonus of 20% on first order is still valid.

So to all sport people out there stuck in their home, we wish you the best and hang in there. We will be waiting for you to come out and buy sarms online at the best sarms vendor , sarmxxl!!! Also we as a reputable sarms seller accept all payments such as credit card, visa card, sofort and ideal.

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