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Ban from China

The most hot topic in the sarmsworld is definitely the China ban on sarms. As from 1 January 2020 sarms and also steroids were put on a list of banned substances in China. This means the Chinese laboratories are no longer allowed to produce and sell these chemicals. Only Ibutamoren (MK677) and YK11 are not on the list so these compounds are still being produced. The ban include Ostarine (MK2866), Stenabolic (SR9009), Testolone (RAD140), S23, Cardarine (GW501516), Andarine (S4) and Ligandrol (LGD4033).

So what are the consequences of the ban? First of all the shortage of sarms will increase. Stocks will slowly dry out at many sarmshops around the world. And this will result in many sarmshops will go out of business. Lucky we at sarmxxl were in time to buy enough stock of all sarms to last deeply into 2021. Some other shops were not that lucky. Sarmking is out of business already at this moment.

Other sarmshops such as sarms4you, receptorchem, swisschems, chemyo, scienc.bio, xsarm, 99sarms, sarmsx, sarmsstore uk, sarmstore and umbrellalabs are struggling at this moment with their stock.

On the other hand, sarms are getting more popular then ever before so the demand for sarms is increasing. With an increasing demand and decreasing production the result will be higher prices for the consumers. Already some shops are raising their prices at this moment. We at sarmxxl have the cheapest sarms on the market. We will not raise our prices and still giving a discount on sarms on first order of 5%.

So we can proudly say to have the best quality sarms for the lowest prices.

Our products are all third party tested by an USA laboratory and have a 99%+ purity.

The test reports are published on our site. As we also produce our liquids and capsules ourselves we can guarantee that all our products contain the right doses as described on the label. And of course are free of pro hormones or any other fake stuff some sarmshops put in their products. Also lot of shops order their liquids and capsules directly from China and don’t even know what is inside.

So how will the future of sarms look like. At this moment many chines companies are looking for alternative ways to produce sarms. One of them is moving their business to other countries like India where sarms can still legally be produced. The other option is to go underground and sell their sarms illegally. I also heard people talking about setting up their own production line of sarms in Europe.

But before these changes take place, the sarms market will dry out very quickly. Especially the popular sarms such as Ligandrol, Testolone and Cardarine are running out in a lot of stores right now.

So only the future will tell us what really is going to happen. But when your local sarmstore run out don’t hesitate to place an order at www.sarmxxl.com and claim your 5% discount.

At this moment we are fully stocked with the following products:
  • Stenabolic capsules 120 x 5mg, stenabolic capsules 120 x 10mg, stenabolic capsules 120 x 15mg
  • cardarine capsules 10mg, cardarine capsules 15mg, cardarine capsules 20mg
  • Ostarine capsules 10mg, ostarine capsules 20mg, Ostarine capsules 30mg
  • Testolone capsules 10mg, testolone capsules 15mg, testolone capsules 20mg
  • Ibutamoren 10mg, ibutamoren 20mg, ibutamoren 30mg
  • S-23 capsules 10mg, S-23 capsules 20mg, S-23 capsules 30mg
  • Ligandrol capsules 5mg, ligandrol capsules 10mg, ligandrol capsules 15mg
  • YK11 capsules 5mg, YK11 capsules 7.5mg, YK11 capsules 10mg
  • Andarine capsules 25mg, andarine capsules 37.5mg, andarine capsules 50mg

We also are fully stocked on sarm liquids and sell raw sarm powder of the highest quality.

So does the China ban on sarms affect us in 2020? For sure not as we have enough stock of sarms at sarmxxl. We will be also the sarmstore to not raise their prices in 2020. Furthermore we are specialized in sarms only and sell the highest purity sarms on the market at the lowest possible price. Als we are a sarmshop which accepts credit card and visa card payments.

So we hope to see you soon at our shop www.sarmxxl.com when your sarm supplier run out of sarms.

For more info check these sites, www.howtousesarm.com and www.sarmsdosages.com

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